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tv   International Programming  CSPAN  December 5, 2012 7:00am-7:30am EST

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prime minister david cameron takes questions from members of the house of commons. the house is wrapping up other business. this is live coverage on c-span2. >> the are are a, you guys, and the continuity of the ira, can you assure me, as much as humanly possible to quantify long-term heights of weapons. >> partners including focused on suppressing terrorist activity. they are absolutely determined to keep people in northern ireland save and secure and that means, batting efforts terrorists are making to access weaponry whether it is by seeking to report them or steal them more access -- this is an important priority and they have the full support of her
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majesty's government and the brilliant words they do. >> this is helping tax my own party headquarters and my own party members. i thank the executive to get to that. a recent attack on party colleagues and offices and constituency offices and staff threatened intimidation from loyalists, and if confirmed, all threats of political motivated violence will be triggered by republican attacks. >> discussing this for mr. david this morning, if it is unacceptable, all that staff were intimidated in any way comment and i know that the justice minister and i will continue to defend the ability of politicians in northern ireland to carry out their duties. >> questions for the prime
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minister? dr. julian lewis, number one, mr. speaker. >> before i answer my hon. friend's question i am sure the house will wish to join me in thanking the duke and duchess of cambridge on the wonderful news they are expecting their first child, the perfect piece of news to end and in court a -- extraordinary jubilee year. joining the question on afghanistan veteran global security from the al qaeda presence in afghanistan has been significantly reduced in large part the result of the great work of the u.k. and afghan armed forces. we remain committed to afghanistan for the long term and continue to support the development of the afghan national security forces through continued funding and involvement in training. continued contribution to a and the political process combine with armed forces efforts will underpin a state that is capable of policing its own lands. at this part al qaeda will not
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be able to reestablish itself in afghanistan. >> dr. julian lewis. the taliban have been told when most of our troops will be leaving and they need to be told what factions to expect if they help al qaeda to return. what will those sanctions be and would an allied regional strategic base serve to make incredible? >> the most important sanction for everyone to bear in mind is afghan national security forces are already at the level of 335,000 and increasingly capable and increasingly able to police and secure their own country but of course we will continue to be involved not least through the opposite training academy we will establish. the americans will have a strong relationship as we will have a strong relationship with the government of afghanistan and we will want to help them in all the ways we can to make sure afghan never becomes a haven of
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international terror. question 2. >> question number 2, mr. speaker. >> thank you, mr. speaker. this morning i had meetings with ministerial colleagues and others and in addition to duties in my house -- excuse me, this house. [shouting] >> you would have thought i would have gotten used to it by now. i will have -- [talking over each other] >> i visited my critically ill constituents last week in a hospital. there were only two nurses on a board of 30 ill patients. she has asked me to ask the prime minister why he has cut the number of nurses. >> the number of clinical staff in our an age as since this government came to power has gone up and the number of managers is significantly down. as my right hon. friend the health secretary said, we are
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not in the slightest bit complacent. there are parts of the nih as where standards of care and standards of nursing unacceptable. that is why we are introducing things like the friends and family to make sure all hospitals come to a higher standard for the best. >> following publication of the levenson report last week my right hon. friend agrees what we need is a strong independent regulator preferably without statutes? >> i think it is actually a moment where we should try to maximize the american consensus that there is in this house and this country about what is required. everyone agrees we need strong independent regulation along the lines levenson suggests. everyone agrees we need million-pound fines and prominent apologies, independently handled complaints. this is vital. i have been encouraged by the meetings i had with editors of
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national newspapers that they will put in place the compliance regulation and we should continue the cross party talks and to make sure we can deliver regulatory system which this house, this country, the victims can be proud. >> let me join you in saying congratulations to the duke and duchess of cambridge, they have the best wishes not just of this house but the whole country. mr. speaker the conservative party manifesto published in april of 2010 says, quote, we will increase health spending in real terms every year but the head of the statistics of authority has clearly -- that has not happened. what is today's excuse? >> this government is putting 12.6 billion pounds extra into the any chess -- and h s. let me quote the figures directly from the head of the
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office of national statistics which is in real terms spending in 2010 was $104,200,000,000 in real terms and in 2011 was $104,300,000 in real terms. that is a real terms increase and there will be further increases in 2012, in 2013, in 2014 with cuts under labor. >> ed miller band. >> let me just say even by his standards that was the most slippery answer. it is unbelievable. unbelievable. he has come to this house 26 times to see the prime minister and boasting about how he is increasing health spending but he failed to meet the promise. we have a ruling from the chair of the independent u.k. statistics authority who says it
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hasn't cut them and why should be grateful if the department of health could clarify the statement but instead of his usual bluster why doesn't he just correct the record? a very simple point. spending figures for 2010 were set by the last labor government. those are the figures we inherited. told a writer hon. gentleman is doing is proving his government was planning andnhs cuts. we have increased and we will increase again in every year of this parliament. people don't have to look at manifestoes for contrast but what labor is doing in wales. the labor party is in charge in wales and they have cut the nhs in wales by 8%. as a result, waiting times are up, waiting lists are down. that is what you get with labor and the nhs. >> miliband.
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>> mr. speaker, he knows the reality which is he made a promise -- >> is shaking his head and getting annoyed. he made a promise that he would keep the nhs rising in real terms in every year of parliament. labor's plant to spread out the election to increase the health budget in 2010-11 and a tougher budget. he knows the reality. let me give him one more opportunity. he may have a promise to the british people for year on year increase in the health budget including 2010-11. he failed to meet the promise. why doesn't he just admit it? i raise the reminder that the general election was after the 2010 year, has begun. this was labor's plan and what we of the knees increased every year. if he doesn't believe that perhaps he would listen to the labor health secretary who gave an interview in the newspaper when he said this about the
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tories. they are not increasing it. they're increasing it. the goes on. cameron has been saying every week in the commons. the shadow health secretary wants to spend it less on health than us which is true, isn't it? he says yes, it is true. that is my point. very have it. it is the official. labor wants to cut the nhs. it would never be safe with them again. >> there, mr. speaker. the reality is -- the reality is, the reality is my right hon. friend let's a rising health benefits and this prime minister -- reality. let me try another fact which i am sure he will give to the house. let me try another fact. can he tell us, can he tell us how big an income tax cuts next
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april to people earning 1 million pounds a year are the result of the reduction in the top rate? >> i'm not surprised he wants to get off of health. that was the biggest goal i have ever seen. >> on the issue of the top rates of tax, when his government but the top rate of tax up to 50 p, what it meant was fewer millionaires paid the top rate and as a result the tax they suffered by seven billion pounds. i would remind him that under this government the top rate of tax will be higher every year than any year it was. >> miliband. >> he didn't give up the answer. i will give him the answer. next april, everyone earning over 1 million pounds will have a tax cut of 107,000 pounds a year. 1 hundred seven thousand.
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the deputy prime minister shouting, 81 along with this. he went along with this. the party of lloyd george and he went along with it. he hasn't kept his promise and of all being in it together. talking about his central promise. two years ago he said by 2015, quote, we will have a balanced the books. let me explain why he is failing to keep that promise. >> let me give him figures on the top rate of taxes. in 2009-10 there were 16,000 people earning more than a million with a tax liability of $13 billion. in 2010-11 when the rate went up this flooded to 6,000 people with tax revenue of $6.5 billion. therefore because of his election gambit 50 p, seven billion pounds. when is he going to realize the
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tax rates are about raising money, not punishing success. in terms of the deficit, we have cut the budget deficit by 25%, will be getting an update on progress from the chancellor in a minute but let me ask this. how can you deal with the borrowing program by pledging to borrow more? >> let's just be clear, mr. speaker, about his answer on 60 p. the answer, the answer to the problem, the answer to the problem of tax avoidance is to give the people doing a tax cut. give them a big giveaway. the reality, the reality is, the reality the prime minister couldn't get away from, the deficit is going up, not down, on his watch. we all remember the posters which is airbrushed, i will cut
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the deficit, not the nhs. the facts speak for themselves. he cut the nhs and is not cutting the deficit. >> we are increasing spending on the nhs and we are cutting the deficit. we have cut the deficit by 25%. there are a million more private sector jobs. businesses are starting at higher rate than any time in our history. this economy is on the right track. we are equipping britain for the global race and on like the party opposite we are in the side of people who work hard and want to do the right thing. what is the answer? more borrowing, more spending, more of the things that got us into this mess in the first place. >> mr. speaker, years ago the nhs spent five hundred million pounds on tamiflu without seeing the day on the effectiveness or safety and rather than being an isolated case it is normal for the drug industry to have almost complete control over the
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evidence based upon which crucial public decisions are made. will the prime minister asked to make available the full chemical study reports on tamiflu so the doctors, patients and taxpayers are not misled? >> my hon. friend does excellent work on behalf of the taxpayer through all of the very good questions and work that he does. he raises an important issue not only because of the cost to the taxpayer but also because of possible overstatement of benefits to patients. there does need to be more transparency in the clinical trials data. we are committed to make sure that happened in the european medicine agency's work is supported on this and from next year there will be a legal requirement to publish summary reports from clinical trials. >> lindsay white. >> this week we learned despite assurances that ridge taking place that the agency made minimal tests to chase 124,000 speakers and migrants with 150
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boxes left for the government. is this the same cuts to the agency in efforts to secure borders? >> i think recognize the fact the we said we are -- immigration is down by 25% under this government. i want us to do far better in terms of chasing down a legal overseers and legal migrants, good work is being done also involving private sector organizations finding these people and getting them to leave. we had to make reductions in the u.k. budget as we had to make across all budgets but he should have noticed government these days is about getting more for less. >> the prime minister will be aware about the home of the royal navy and stockyard for 500 years. given the business secretary appears to have prejudged the
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future of shipbuilding what reassurance can the prime minister give me, as 1500 shipbuilders' that portsmouth will be integral to the building and export of warships and a base port of our future secretary? >> the hon. lady quite rightly speaks up for portsmouth which is and will continue to be an excellent home for the royal navy which is fully committed to ports and whatever decision is taken on the future of shipbuilding the navy will be a major employer in the city, not once the new carriers arrived in a few years time and i am sure my hon. friend will welcome the peninsula, twenty-five billion pound package that could create 1,000 few jobs. >> margaret beckley. >> in june of 2010 the prime minister said despite the deficit reduction plan he would only assure there was, quote, note increase in child politics. the fees stand by that? >> we are doing everything we
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can to tackle child poverty and it has come down. the point that we specifically did was we increased the element of the child tax credit that goes to the poorest families. >> in the wake of criminal convictions of the staff who repeatedly abused people living at hospital is it not time those who take the fees employee the staff and supervise staff are themselves held to account with a new offense of corporate neglect? >> i listened carefully to the point my right hon. friend makes, there have been some appalling incidents of completely unacceptable levels of care and people in those organizations of lease subject to the law as they should be and if the law has been broken proper consequences should follow. >> jim shannon, one of the greatest issues in my area, the
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price of electricity. can the prime minister tell us what action he has taken to mitigate costs in northern ireland? >> honestly for consumers we announced our plans to make sure companies look people on the lowest available tariffs which is warmly welcomed across the house and across the country and in terms of business where there is an issue with energy intensive industry the government announced the intention to exempt energy intensive industries from the cost of contract, differences and electricity market reform. that is subject to state aid clarence and further consultation but shows this government is working hard to help those industries and make sure they compete and succeed in britain. >> eleanor weighing. >> the house joined with the prime minister in congratulating the duke and duchess of cambridge done a good news. will promise to confirm the
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commonwealth heads up last agreed to change the rules on extension and bring before the house a bill very soon so that she can follow in the footsteps of her much love great-grandmother? and become our queen? >> very grateful to my hon. friend for her question. i can answer positively on all the points she made. at the third commonwealth conference i chaired a meeting of all prime ministers of different realms and agree we should bring forward legislation to deal with this issue. all of the roles have agreed to do that. we will be introducing legislation into this house very shortly. we agreed in 2011 that the duke and duchess of cambridge's first child is a girl, she can one day be our queen. that is the key point. it is important to explain the changes will apply to a child
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born after the date last year even if the birth is before the legislation is passed. justin case, there wouldn't be a problem. >> i welcome the government's commitment to increase to tackle tax avoidance. -- have caved in to public pressure and announced judicial review, tax rates in the u.k. so clearly naming and shaming worked. surely it is time to stop companies engage in tax avoidance from hiding behind taxpayer confidentiality and will the prime minister now commit to publishing the names of those companies found to have avoided paying their fair share
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of taxes? >> i very much welcome the right hon. lady's initiative on this and what her committee is looking at and thank her for the warm words of support she has given to the government for what we have done so far. we have recovered twenty-nine billion pounds of additional revenue from large businesses in the last six years including $4 billion in the last four years from the transfer pricing inquiries alone which is one of the issues that has been so covered in detail in the press. i certainly am committed to doing all we can to look at all the options to make sure companies pay their taxes properly and i agree with what she said about public and even some political pressure. on some occasions i myself have made a few remarks about this that were seen as a rather controversial. it is important that people feel they need their responsibilities and pay their taxes. >> will my right hon. friend do
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everything he can to insure that education, health and social services work together to jointly commissioned services that will make sure the much welcome reforms in the children and families bill will be workable on the globe? >> my hon. friend makes a very important point. we do need to get away from the idea of government or even local government operating in sinos with different budgets in different departments not working together. i know representatives lyndon as he does, takes huge steps bringing agencies together and working together in the area of problem families and commend them for the work they do. >> whatever announcements the chancellor makes on pension taxes, and when the government came to power, $1.6 billion, the
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chancellor gives the sheet? >> we inherited a plan to raise four billion pounds from the wealthiest people in terms of taxes and raise that four billion pounds and my right hon. friend will make further announcements in a moment. >> robert smith. >> the northeast of scotland makes a major contribution to the u.k. economy through the offshore oil and gas industry. will the prime minister commit himself to maximizing investments in the industry so we get the maximum number of jobs, energy security and taxation for the future of this country? >> my hon. friend quite rightly speaks up for the industry and everyone who works in it in scotland and i have been incredibly impressed to see the wealth generated by that industry. what we have done on decommissioning and new field allowances has helped to bring certainty and we should keep working on that to make sure we recover as much oil and gas and
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make the most of this precious national asset. >> 7,000 fewer, long a wait accidents and emergencies and hospitals, the prime minister is cutting the nhs as the deficit rises. will he put that on his poster for the next general election? >> the hon. gentleman was ascribed to the situation in wales where labor has put in place and 8% cuts. let me tell him what is happening in the nhs in england. we have actually got 1,350 extra staff, taken down a number of managers by 6,700, accommodation is right down, the cancer drug fund making sure many people get access to those drugs, waiting time they're down, the number of people waiting a long time is down, the number of people waiting longer than 52 weeks to start treatment is at the lowest
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level since records began. he should be supporting the government in -- instead of cutting the nhs. >> bernard jenkins. >> my right hon. friend recall receiving a visit from number 10 from the peoples of market field specialists schools whose school had become big name sheds kitty, there was so much demand on their site. did he share my delight that the ethics counsel has allocated 8.4 million pounds to a new school? may i thank him for his support for that campaign? >> very grateful to my hon. friend. i am a big supporter of britain's special schools. they provide an absolutely vital service for parents and children who have special needs and quite a huge needs, this government has invested in special schools and doing such a good job. >> mr. speaker, following the
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government's new funding formula for universities this year, student numbers dropped or student admissions dropped by $0.55. my own local university, despite meeting its target, suffered a cut in its core allocation and has been told there will be another cut next year. what guarantees can the prime minister give that universities will not suffer he year on year reduction as a result of this? >> the whole point is this government took difficult decisions to make sure we could maintain the numbers of people going to our universities and the question goes right back to the party opposite. if you don't support a proper system of student contributions how are you going to pay for our universities? we set our plan, they're actually working well, you don't start paying that money on
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21,000 pounds for paying 35,000 pounds, we have a method for making sure we invest in our universities. the party opposite hasn't got a clue. >> children's hospice which serves my constituency receives 10% of its funding -- different to other places receiving more. this is especially difficult if they have to pay for all of their prescriptions as private institutions. will the prime minister look again at the reasons for the different treatment of children and adults hospices and meet with me to discuss different funding levels? >> happy to discuss this issue with my hon. friend. for many years my family used children's hospital -- children's hospital got no state support at all. what this government has done is continue with the ten million pounds annually to support children's hospices.
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we have added an extra 720,000 pounds but what we want to put in place and what we are discussing with the providers of adults and children's hospices is a system where per patient funding system that would be for hospices and would bring greater logic and consistency for how we support this absolutely essential part of our health service and our big society. >> global company turnover 3.3 billion pounds in the uk this year. saves not a single penny in cooperation tax but were awarded a ten million pound grant from los scottish government. the prime minister stand up for the wrong people? when will this government move away from punishing -- and waste? >> the deck i make to the hon. gentleman is common ground


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